Elevator Modernizations in New Jersey & the Metropolitan Area

When an elevator is not running reliably, or simply looks outdated, Standard Elevator can bring your equipment up to date. Modernization is a cost effective way to enhance the safety, efficiency and look of your current elevator without replacing the entire system.

Standard Elevator offers the newest state-of-the-art control systems and accessory equipment available. We tailor new equipment and accessories to your building’s elevator traffic. We also provide design options for new and refurbished cab interiors and entrance doors. The benefits are clear: better performance, higher satisfaction and increased property values.

The process of Modernization from Standard Elevator can:

  • Alleviate long wait times
  • Increase ride comfort
  • Bring your system into compliance with current safety standards
  • Upgrade the look of your building

We customize every modernization and conversion to the unique needs of the property and our trained designers and technicians are ready to discuss your specific requirements for function, purpose and appearance. Standard Elevator also offers maintenance and repair services to keep your elevator system safe and functioning properly.