Elevator Maintenance in New Jersey & the Metropolitan Area

At Standard Elevator Corporation, our professional technicians have almost 40 years of experience providing elevator maintenance for New Jersey, New York, and the metropolitan area. We offer maintenance contract coverage on your equipment, tailored to your specific needs, to keep your elevator operating smoothly.

Our technicians have the ability to service your elevator, regardless of brand or age. Standard Elevator is committed to safety and reliability, and our technicians participate in ongoing training and educational seminars to stay current on industry safety, engineering, and compliance standards.

Importance of Elevator Maintenance
Timely elevator maintenance ensures the safety of those riding your elevator and expands the life of your unit. Elevator inspections are required once a year, and a regular maintenance schedule is vital to making sure your elevator is in compliance with all state and federal safety regulations.

In addition to maintaining the elevator itself, regular maintenance also includes checking the machine room to make sure everything is working as it should. The machine room should be self-closing and locking, which keeps out anyone without authorization to be there. Maintenance checks include looking for adequate lighting and plenty of space. Using the room for storage is a fire hazard.

Maintenance includes the following:

  • Annual testing
  • Fireman’s service testing
  • Fixing pit lights
  • Fixing emergency lights
  • Fixing the door reversal device if it’s not working properly
  • Cleaning the car top
  • Bringing cable measurements into compliance
  • Replacing a missing door restrictor

Be Proactive
Learn to anticipate problem areas so that you can avoid them before they happen. Almost 70 percent of maintenance issues are due to malfunctioning doors. One way you can prepare for this is by integrating a closed loop door operator, which helps control the speed at which the doors open and shut.

When you choose Standard Elevator, you can be secure in the knowledge that you’ve trusted the best technicians in the industry to maintain your transport systems. We also provide 24/7 repair services for issues that occur between regular maintenance checks. Contact us today to service your elevator and to set up a regular maintenance schedule.